Campaign and Organizational Consulting

I advise membership-based organizations to save money by reducing employee turnover, increasing membership engagement and winning field campaigns.

Have you ever heard the phrase “I don’t pay you to think”. That used to be the sentiment of employers hiring workers to slave in dangerous factories and plantations in America. Members of my family did just that for years, working in Detroit motor plants until… well, you know what happened. But those days are long gone.

I can only speak for myself but you are ABSOLUTELY paying for me to think. You are paying me to think, develop strategies and deliver knowledge that will help you build up your organization. Why else would you call me…to be your friend? To be your servant and give you the same results that have already been proven not to work. Right now,  you not only want me thinking about how to improve your organization’s growth and capacity in the immediate future, but you also need me to know what is coming down the pipeline that may be detrimental to your bottom line if you do not make a strategic move. This a chess match, so please stop playing checkers.

I get it! I get it! You’re the boss! (Director,   And I honestly and truly want you to be the best boss. I promise I do. I want you to be a boss that understands why your employees have become disengaged. A boss that is fully aware of the issues directly impacting your members and clients and how your organization can provide cost-effective solutions. A boss that is concerned about the sustainability and legacy of your organization.

Now you may not want to hear this, but bosses need outside helpers. Sort of like a side kick. Someone to kick them into shape before their company jumps off the cliff. Someone to rally the troops before their staff members abort the mission.Well Bosslady (or Man), this is your wake call. I, Monica Sekhmet Grant, am your humble sidekick. The person that will be honest about your needs while finding a clear path to accomplishing your goals.

Sure, you may not want your free consultation today, or ever. I get it, you’re embarrassed. You may not even want to admit that you need help. But if doing what you want to do, hasn’t gotten you what you wanted thus far, then it’s time to try something new. Be adventurous. Be an adult. Pick up your smart phone, send me an email and let’s get to work. If you believe that you have the time and the money to just mosey on down the road of business without developing a clear plan to win in the face of a changing economy, then I have just one word for you. TITANIC!

Talk to you soon!

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