The Black Business School Review

The, a blog site for affiliate marketers and millennial entrepreneurs, has given the Black Business School an A rating of approval for its online school and affiliate program.

My goal is always to bring you opportunities that can lead you to  financial freedom. Dr. Boyce Watkins, with over 20 years of experience teaching finance, offers an affordable and effective online program for adults and children.


To read their article click on this link and find out how Black entrepreneurs and investors can gain wealth and build their own online business.

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John Barfield: The OG of entrepreneurship


Being born in Ypsilanti Michigan, I am inspired by John Barfield, also of Ypsilanti. Yes he is rich, but more importantly he is humble, ambitious and willing to share a lifetime of lessons that he has learned while building an extensive empire. John Barfield is truly an inspiration to working class individuals ready to start their own business and build wealth and power.

Want to be like the legendary and honorable John Barfield? Join the the Black Business School today and learn the truth about building wealth for your family and community.


 The Black Business School


You can’t win a war begging for jobs


The time is now for us to get our economic house in order. We can no longer beg the system for shelter, food and support. We might have a new president but the game is the same. In 2017, you can only eat what you catch. It is time for us to take control of our economic destiny and take back our freedom to live a good and safe life.

If you have never heard of The Black Business School before now, do yourself a favor and click on the link below. Join the Community**Take a Class**Improve your mind and your situation.

 The Black Business School

How to Publish Your Book and Make Money


New Course! Young, Black and Rich: The Dr Boyce Watkins guide to turning yourself into a millionaire

If you work a job, then you’re in business

Any person that has a job is technically selling their pre-determined services to an employer at a wholesale rate. Then the employer sells (or flips) their work at a suggested retail price for a profit. Although this person (maybe YOU) might not think they are in business, because being an entrepreneur is such a dirty word. They are definitely somebody else’s business. We should all learn to “mind our own business” and cut out the middle-man.





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