Monica Sekhmet

Monica Sekhmet Grant is a motivational speaker, community advocate and entrepreneur.  A native of Ypsilanti Michigan but raised in South Carolina and Georgia, Monica studied business in college because she wanted to understand how some people continued to get richer while others remained poor.

While studying supply and demand at Delaware State University, she decided to focus on empowering Black and Brown communities through life coaching and community organizing. “One builds personal power while the other builds collective power. Each one is vital and should not be isolated.” Monica Sekhmet Grant

Monica is an advocate for economic justice and fairness in the Black community. She believes that most men and women of African descent naturally desire to live in safe prosperous communities that support economic growth. “We all want to experience the good life, that’s not an ideal only privy to white people.” Monica Sekhmet Grant

She has campaigned for workers rights with the Service Employees International Union and AFSCME International Labor Union. She received her life coaching certification under Margret McGraw and produced the first season of The AskBonBon show with life coach Bonnie Bruderer. She has also authored 3 books on personal and community development for communities of color. Click Here

Monica Sekhmet is based in New York City and works as a motivational speaker, documentary film maker and campaign strategist. For speaking engagements and consultations contact

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