The Black Business School Review

The, a blog site for affiliate marketers and millennial entrepreneurs, has given the Black Business School an A rating of approval for its online school and affiliate program.

My goal is always to bring you opportunities that can lead you to  financial freedom. Dr. Boyce Watkins, with over 20 years of experience teaching finance, offers an affordable and effective online program for adults and children.


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The Black Business School

Dr. Boyce Watkins is truly the Spook Who Sat By the Door. He earned a PhD in Finance from The Ohio State University and is now teaching young Black adults how to win in real estate, personal finance and on the stock market.

If you have never heard of The Black Business School before now, do yourself a favor and click on the link below. Join the Community**Take a Class**Improve your mind and your situation.

 The Black Business School



 The Black Business School

2017 Internships Available

Publisher is Seeking (2) Interns:
Graphic Design and Blogger Intern
Research Intern

Empress Rights Press LLC ( is a publishing company responsible for literature and films focused on Social Justice Movements, Black Feminism and Youth Empowerment. This year we are seeking 2 interns to assist in social media branding and outreach. This internship is project based and can be accomplished remotely.

Position Summary:
Seeking interns to work with 5 year old publishing company to revamp brand and shift business model. No formal work experience needed but intern should have a good work ethic, positive attitude, and desire to learn and be challenged. This is a non-paid internship and each intern is required to work 15 hours a week.

Web Design, Creating Content, Marketing, Writing, Editing, Performing Research

How to Apply:
Email your resume to
In the body of the email answer the following questions:
• What are you most passionate about?
• Are you willing to be mentored by industry experts?

In times of war, we must CREATE!

It’s important that we continue to be creative during difficult times. Art is best produced and received by the people struggling for their freedom. For the past several years, I have wondered what the next hip hop movement will be.  Not creating a new hip hop style or sound but what art form we will create that will come from the guts of black culture that is so raw and uncut that the dominate society will despise it because they don’t understand it and can’t control it.

The American corporation now has a new president.  Donald Trump is making it clear that life will be extremely difficult for anyone that does not follow the rules of white supremacy. His policies include kicking out Arabic and African immigrants, building a wall on the Mexican border, defunding women’s reproductive programs and repealing Obamacare. I will be honest about my thoughts here, with no concern to another person’s parochial opinion of life.

Although these days are dangerous for many of us, we are living in the best part of history. Women, men and child of all races and ethnic groups have hit the streets in protest. People that have never been engaged with politics are now coming out to organizing meetings and stepping up into leadership positions.  For 15 years, I have been conscious and aware of the ugly slave master that is “the system” of white supremacy.  I used to be the crazy person going on and on about the new world order, GMO’s, Black Economics, Moorish Science and Entrepreneurship but now the rest of America seems to be waking up.

During my 8 years laboring as a public servant, doing paid and free work, I have never witnessed so many people wanting to get involved in community and national affairs. This is truly a beautiful thing to experience. Although I have strong reservations on Black people participating in movements led by white liberals, I will concede that baby steps are better than nothing. People want to have their voices heard and fight for their ability to live their truth in peace. What better time to watch a new art form emerge from a generation that has absolutely nothing to lose (but their chains).

I don’t believe that the next art form will be music only, but maybe a mixture of media platforms that is only understood by those creating it. I imagine that it is already in its genesis phase being created over weed smoke and a cheap bottle of wine, shared between people on the edge of existence but still finding ways to survive. The next hip hop is being cultivated right now in a fly over state where Trump won and everyone there knows why.  I imagine it to be so dope and unique that we hear rumors and go searching for it, instead of forcing it to come to us. No matter what it is, this art form will resonate with the people that need it the most.

I am not a prophet. I simply appreciate the power that art has on people in the struggle. This is the time when we need it the most, to uplift us all when we are unsure of the future.  I claim ignorance in knowing exactly what’s in store for America, and my people, but as a person that understands the power of thoughts and words, I declare that we are living in the best time of history and that every day is worth living.

Monica Sekhmet Grant

Empress Rights Press 2017

John Barfield: The OG of entrepreneurship


Being born in Ypsilanti Michigan, I am inspired by John Barfield, also of Ypsilanti. Yes he is rich, but more importantly he is humble, ambitious and willing to share a lifetime of lessons that he has learned while building an extensive empire. John Barfield is truly an inspiration to working class individuals ready to start their own business and build wealth and power.

Want to be like the legendary and honorable John Barfield? Join the the Black Business School today and learn the truth about building wealth for your family and community.


 The Black Business School